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Welcome to Lenfasan

Quality guarantee.

Extensive experience in the optical industry, excellent price value with a friendly relationship with our customers.

About Us

Wide range of products

We adapt to suit your own needs

Spray cleaners. Microfibre cloth. Microfibre glasses pouch

productos opticos

Leading optical accessories

20 years at the service of the optical world.

Customer service excellence .



Optical lenses,Crystals & screens

Our products are adapted to the most demanding needs and this is why they can be used in all types of lenses, screens or glasses.


© Lenfasan S.L.

© Lenfasan S.L. Manufacturer and Distributor of Optical Products

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Lens Cleaners

With our eyeglass or lens cleaner you can easily remove the remains of dirt and grease deposited on all types of lenses without damaging them.

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Microfibre Cloth

Excellent for cleaning and drying your eyeglass & optical lens.

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Digital print

Splash of colour!. With microfibre cloth digital print your customers will be pleasantly impressed.


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Microfibre glasses pouch

Customize them with your logo.

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Products for professional use

We have a selection of products to make your day more comfortable and practical.

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We have displays of cleaners, microfibre cloth dispenser boxes, etc.





Our Products

Below you will find a sample of our product catalog.



Product Spray cleaner
Customizable Yes
Capacity Container of 17ml
Features Anti-fog formula and hermetic seal

With the eyeglass or spray lens cleaner the traces of dirt and grease deposited on all types of lenses can be easily removed without damaging them. In addition, our formula adds a small anti-fog coating on all types of optical glasses.

gamuzas microfibra


Product Microfibre cloth 210 g/m²
Customizable Yes
Size 14x14, 14x9, 15x18, 15x10, 19x19. Check other sizes.
Colores Pistachio green, light blue or reflex, orange, white, fuchsia, grey, yellow and black. Check other colors.

Excellent for cleaning and drying lenses-glasses. Our fabric sheets does not lint or residue on the treated surfaces. We have a wide variety of sizes in our microfibre cloths. For more information do not hesitate to contact us.

kit gamuza-limpiador


Product Kit Microfibre cloth + cleaner
Customizable Yes
Capacity & Size Cleaner container of 17ml & microfibre cloth 15x10
Colors Pistachio green, light blue or reflex, orange, white, fuchsia, grey, yellow and black. Check other colors.

If you are looking for your costumers' comfort then the microfiber carrier is the product! Its design has been carried out to transport in the same item the microfibre cloth and the aromatic spray cleaner.



Product Microfibre glasses pouch
Customizable Yes
Size 14x14 14x9 15x10. Ask for other sizes
Colors Pistachio green, light blue or reflex, orange, white, fuchsia, grey, yellow and black. Check other colors.

To store the glasses we also have soft microfibre cases that do not leave residues in the lenses.

envase profesional


Product Professional container lens cleaner
Customizable Yes
Capacity Container of 100ml & 1000ml
Features Anti-fog formula and drip shutter

This container is only available for professional use. It has a drip dispenser for a correct dosage. Its composition allows the cleaning of all types of optical glasses (with or without treatment) without damaging them and covering them with a thin anti-fog coating.

Limpiador con aroma


Product Spray cleaner with aroma of lemon, strawberry, orange or apple
Customizable Yes
Capacity Container of 17ml
Features Anti-fog formula, hermetic closure and soft aroma.

Eyeglass cleaners with aroma and for the removal of the traces of dirt and greased deposited on the glass; also for giving off a slight aroma of apple, lemon, strawberry or orange. It is recommended for a better finish. Dry with our microfibre cloth.

gamuza profesional


Product Proffesional microfibre cloth
Customizable Yes
Size 30X30. Ask for other sizes
Colors Pistachio green, light blue or reflex, orange, white, fuchsia, grey, yellow and black. Check other colors.

This larger microfibre cloth is designed for the daily use of the opticians.



Product Cleaner display
Customizable Yes
Capacity 20 o 14 units
Features Practical, ordered and attractive.

We have designed a pallet cleaner display for your spray cleaners. This format will allow you to present the product to the public thanks to its attractive format.

Limpiador con aroma


Product Transparent container cleaner.
Customizable Yes
Capacity Container of 30ml
Features Anti-fog formula, hermetic closure and soft aroma.

With its hermetic seal and anti-fog formula, the transparent spray cleaners maintain the efficiency of our classic products with a renewed appearance and greater capacity.

gamuza profesional


Product Digital microfibre cloth.
Customizable Yes
Size Many sizes available.
Picture High quality printing and finishing.

Microfibre cloth with images for customers who need to combine high quality microfibre with the best of finishes. Undoubtedly, these chamois will get the attention of your customers.

  • spray


    Spray cleaner

  • gamuzas microfibra


    Microfibre cloth

  • kit gamuza-limpiador


    Kit microfibre cloth + spray cleaner

  • fundas microfibra


    Microfibre glasses pouch

  • envases profesionales


    Lens cleaners 100ml & 1000ml

  • aroma


    Spray cleaners with aroma

  • gamuza profesional


    Proffesional microfibre cloth

  • expositor


    Pallet display cleaners

  • spray


    Transparent container spray cleaner

  • gamuza profesional


    Digital microfibre cloth

About us

LENFASAN, S.L, was born in 1996 with the hope of bringing a quality service and professionalism to the optical sector. More than 20 years of professional experience guarantee us. Our goal is to provide a service committed to the quality and usefulness of our products with very competitive prices.



Customisation as you want

Our team of designers will help you to transform your project into a product



Leading manufacturer

Lenfasan has been manufacturing optical accessories for more than two decades. Our facilities make us one of the manufacturers with the highest production volume nationwide.

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We centralize and distribute.

Many of our customers use our distribution service to centralize the orders of their franchisees. Lenfasan without any additional cost is responsible for maintaining the necessary stock to supply the demand of your products products. In this way, you will have products always available to be distributed to your partners.

Why to choose us?

Lenfasan has an extensive experience as a manufacturer of optical products. Our team of professionals will help you to personalize your products. At Lenfasan we know how important it is for you to take care of your lenses and those of your clients, that is why we offer high quality products.

Serving to many optical groups, Lenfasan is the leading manufacturer of optical products. But in Lenfasan we do not want to forget our commitment to the small entrepreneur, so we adapt our services to your different needs. If you need optical accessories to take care of your lenses, do not hesitate and contact us because Lenfasan is your company!


  • Quality

  • Customer Service

  • Delivery time

  • Variety of products

Your opinion is important to us

Fill in this small questionnaire and help us to improve

producto personalizadoCustomisation. You can customize all our products. What better way to promote your business or event than adding your own personal stile to your cleaners, microfibre cloth and microfibre glasses pouch. Get in contact with us. At no additional cost, our design team will help you to achieve the best results.

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What do our customers say?

It is essential to adapt us to your needs. Your opinion helps us to continue giving the best service.

"It is a company with good quality and prices."

client 1 CENTRO ÓPTICO ONIL Client

"It offers a great and very dynamic service."


"We have been working with Lenfasan for 20 years, we have always had a cordial, kind and friendly service. Good products and we have never had problems with delivery times. Itis a pleasure to continue working with them."


"Good quality to a very acceptable price."

client 3 ÓPTICA ARROYO Client

"Good customer service"

client 3 ÓPTICA SANTA FAZ Client

From the big optical groups to the small optician or entrepreneur, Lenfasan is a reference in the field of optical accessories.

Some of our customers

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